Taking Divorce One Step At A Time

Navigating The Road Ahead Together

During divorce proceedings, you are forced to make countless decisions. Having someone who will represent your best interests is crucial. I am Kaitlyn Copi, founder of Copi Law, LLC, and my goal is to help you navigate this difficult time in your life.

Providing Tailored Solutions Based On Your Situation

When it seems like you have nowhere else to turn, I pride myself on being a compassionate voice of reason to help you maneuver complex legal situations.

Many clients simply don’t know what their options are, and where to turn for help answering their questions. For example, what happens to your children? Are you entitled to financial support? What about custody arrangements? These questions can be answered only after knowing the specifics of your situation. After learning more, I can create a tailored strategy based on your needs to help get you out of the court system and moving on with your life. While I am known for being a sympathetic family lawyer with a soft approach when it benefits my clients to do so, it does not mean I shy away from a challenge. I have years of experience litigating complicated and contentious divorce matters.

I provide the kind of legal counsel that prioritizes your needs and goals. I truly advocate for what you want and are entitled to. This is especially important when it comes to spousal support and asset division. Illinois is an equitable distribution state. This means that a judge will divide property based on what they think is fair – which is not always half and half. It’s important to know your rights to protect your financial future.

In many instances, a more neutral approach can move cases towards faster settlement. I am also a mediator in Will County. I have helped numerous families resolve conflicts outside of the courtroom, saving thousands of dollars that can be better used towards protecting your family’s wealth. Not every case needs to be a long, drawn-out legal battle. Let me help mediate your disagreement, and help your family find resolution and calm.

You Don’t Have To Go Through This Alone; Call Today

As your attorney, I will offer compassionate yet aggressive representation. I know how difficult divorce can be. Many people walk through my doors and are emotional, feeling like there is no end in sight. It is time to get your life back on track. I can help you do that. To schedule a consultation, call my office in Joliet at 815-723-8000 or fill out my contact form online today.

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