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Am I Entitled To Child Support?

At Copi Law, LLC, I don’t just prioritize your needs, I also prioritize the needs of your child. I am Kaitlyn Copi, and I have helped countless clients throughout Will County, Illinois understand their rights in regards to child support. I understand the tremendous amount of pressure that is on your shoulders when it comes to making decisions about your children. I offer pragmatic service, helping you think logically about your kids and their future. You are not alone in this. I am here to help

Compassionate Service For You And Your Children

Every parent has certain responsibilities when it comes to their children. From financial support to physical support, each family is different. When it comes to child support, there is not a blanket answer any attorney can give you that will address all of your concerns. It is all based on the specifics of your situation and your family’s needs. While it is possible to determine a payment schedule on your own, it can be quite difficult to correctly file the appropriate paperwork to obtain the money your children deserve. As your lawyer, I can provide custom solutions based on the best interests of your children.

Simply put, my job is to explain any applicable state laws and regulations that may apply to your situation. In doing so, we can get a better feel for what your children are entitled to. There are many different factors that can affect child support, and I will clarify this process every step of the way. I will also represent you in court hearings, providing the Court with logical legal reasoning to obtain the support you need.

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